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“We Stay Until He Goes” (Egypt’s Uprising)

I studied in Cairo for a semester in 2008. It was the first of many places I’ve lived where police presence and abuse were widespread, so it’s not surprising to me that most Egyptians want Mubarak to step down from his 30-year rule. The mass participation and commitment to the current uprising, however, has taken me by surprise. In April 2008 there was a call for a general strike but at that time Tahrir Square looked nothing like it has in recent weeks.

I’m also surprised by the sustained news coverage of Egyptian resistance. That doesn’t mean it’s all good coverage though. Here are two pieces on media literacy for Egypt coverage:

How Not to Say Stupid Stuff about Egypt

Egypt’s Intifada: A Lexicon

And here’s an interview with Egyptian blogger and journalist, Noha Atef (who obviously has better insights into the context of the protests than I can offer).

You can also watch ongoing, in-depth reporting from Tahrir Square on Democracy Now.


Cairo Metro tracks, April 2008


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