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Celebrate Today! #CelebrateLU


Each week Ruth Ayres hosts a celebration link-up at her blog, Ruth Ayres Writes. Check out what other bloggers are celebrating this week!

This week I’m celebrating Jake. Together, we celebrated one year of dating on Sunday. When we met, Jake and I both lived in Perry County. Now, neither of us does, and we live four hours apart (when there’s not traffic on the beltway, which is almost never). Skype talks with him are often my favorite part of the day. Even better are the times when we can visit each other.

A few years ago, I spent a lot of time wondering how hard was too hard in a relationship. Jake has re-taught me what a healthy relationship feels like. And that in great ones, you both grow and learn and help each other be who you’re meant to be.

Jake is wonderful at that. He listens. He shares. He is one of the kindest souls I’ve known.

Together, we laugh. We talk. We reflect. We dance. We hike. We love — each other and those around us.

I’d like to celebrate many more years with Jake, but even if that’s not possible, I’m so grateful I get to enjoy this one with him.

What are you celebrating today?

Me and Jake and Hannah the corgi. October 2013

Me and Jake and Hannah the corgi. October 2013

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom’s not just the mom who brought oranges to soccer games for half-time snack — she’s the mom who started an entire soccer league when there were no girls teams to play on in our town. She’s the mom who learned everything about a sport she’d never played so that she could coach our teams.

She’s the mom who other kids in the neighborhood knew by first name and ran to when their parents weren’t around. She’s the mom who has probably spent a cumulative year dropping me off and picking me up from airports and college apartments. She’s the mom who would never count those hours.

My mom is more than a mom, too. She’s the social and emotional support teacher who, besides teaching several subjects, makes time for the steady flow of other students who show up at her door, somehow sensing that she’s a teacher who will listen and be nice to them.

My mom’s the best!

My mom's also a weaver. She taught me.Photo by Laverne Waddington, May 2012.

My mom’s also a weaver. She taught me.
Photo by Laverne Waddington, May 2012.

Quote of the Week

Life has taught me to love people the way they want to be loved.Mourid Barghouti in “I Saw Ramallah”


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