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Friday 5: PA Places

I’m leaving Wilkes-Barre to spend the next few months in Lancaster, for reasons I may or may not discuss in a later post. It’s been four years since I got a passport, and I’ve packed my suitcase more times since then than I care to count. Leaving Wilkes-Barre so quickly and unexpectedly stresses me out immensely, but if I work hard to be calm I can see the positive aspects of the too-short time I’ve lived here. The greatest value has been getting to know a new part of Pennsylvania. Indeed, the reason I have moved around as often as I have is that living in a place is the best way to learn about it. I’ve expanded my global horizons pretty rapidly at a young age but I’ve been slower about getting to know the state I grew up in. Honoring that new process, today’s Friday 5 is a list of PA places I’ve never been to. Hopefully the list will be inaccurate a few years from now!

  1. Erie. PA’s is so big! It’s hard to imagine that the state borders a great lake.
  2. Centralia. The famous town with a mine burning beneath it. Only 10 residents still live there.
  3. State College. I feel that I should attend a Penn State football game at some point in my life.
  4. Cameron County. Out in the PA wilds, the county with the highest unemployment rate in the state. Pennsylvania from Below wrote two stories about Cameron County last year: “Unemployment in the Big Woods” & “Drilling and the PA Wilds”.
  5. Jersey Shore. Yes, it’s a real place in PA. And no, it doesn’t even border New Jersey…

Oh, and click here to view my Pennsylvania photos on Flickr! (I’ll be posting more tomorrow!)


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