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More on Hyderabad

I haven’t written much about Hyderabad so far. It’s quite a shift from the West Bank…they’re both intense in their own ways. Hyderabad is not a huge city but so much looks the same–from the omnipresent Bollywood billboards with unattractive middle-aged men surrounded by sexy younger women, to  red-and-white-striped booths in the middle of roads proclaiming that “Speed thrills but also kills,”  to the endless rows of stands selling fried snacks to eat for chaat. The seeming sameness amidst the city’s dizzying diversity of religions, dress, architecture, wealth, and modes of transportation makes it difficult to create a mental map for myself. Little by little, a few things start to feel familiar. Establishing a routine helps. I just wrapped my first full week of teaching, and my students are delightful and incredibly eager. I can’t think of more to write at the moment but if you want to read about some of the daily adventures that have made up my life over the last two weeks, you should definitely check out my roommate/co-fellow’s blog, Ilana in India. She’s a talented creative writer and has already become a valued friend.


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