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Slice of Life: a spider’s feast

Slice of Life

On Tuesdays, participating bloggers share a “slice of life” and post the link at Two Writing Teachers.

I wrote this one in the fall of 2012 while living in Duncannon, Pennsylvania.

The spiders thrive here because of the river’s bounty of bugs to munch. I not only cohabitate with spiders, but I routinely clean dead insects from the floor, bookshelves, heaters and window sills. The spiders come in all sizes, like the 2-millimeter arachnid dangling lazily by the board game shelf right now, or the inch-long ones that scuttle across the floor. There’s one that’s been in the accordion folds of the air conditioner for weeks. I guess it’s dead but I thought I already cleaned that exact same kind from that spot.

The outdoor stairway to my apartment wears robes of cobwebs. The other day there was a bug’s corpse that was almost as long as my hand, lying supine by the mailboxes. It had wings like a cape and large antennae protruding from its head. It repulsed me. It was the miniature image of what could be a human-sized bug in a horror movie.

Susquehanna from Duncannon

The proximity of the Susquehanna River is the only reasonable explanation I could come up with for the number of spiders living in my Duncannon apartment.

Photo of the Day: Saturday night in Duncannon

Shermanata Grange Square Dance

Shermanata Grange holds a square dance on the second and fourth Staurday of non-summer months.

Shermanata Grange Square Dance

Duncannon, PA. January 2013

Shermanata Grange Square Dance

Duncannon, PA. January 2013

I took these photos to accompany an article I wrote about the Grange in Perry County.

Happy New Year!

Duncannon sled drop

Celebrating the arrival of 2013 with Duncannon’s 13th annual sled drop!

Friday 5: Things that made me smile in 2012

1. A People’s Choir

A People’s Choir is a monthly group sing-a-long hosted by The Delicious, an artist collective based in Portland, Oregon. I had the joy of participating in their Valentine’s session while visiting my sister in the Northwest. Who could stop themselves from smiling while belting out “You Can’t Hurry Love” with twenty other people?

Paige and Decoteau

Paige and Decoteau, two of the organizers of A People’s Choir. Portland, Oregon. February 2012

2. My lizard

I got a leopard gecko this year and I’ve quickly become one of those people who likes to talk about her pet even though it probably doesn’t interest most people. He’s difficult to get quality pictures of and even if I could, it wouldn’t capture one of his best features: sticky gecko feet!

3. Running to “Shake It Out” by Florence + the Machine

You can’t top the lyrics, “And it’s hard to dance with the devil on your back, so shake him off” for a break-up song, but beyond that, I love the feeling of these beats with my feet hitting concrete.

July in Duncannon

My town and running grounds. Duncannon, PA. July 2012

4. Seasons changing

Whether it was the appearance of glimmering lightning bugs in summer, a painter’s palette splashed across the mountains in autumn, or the more recent snow-sprinkled arrival of winter, Perry County has been a wonderful place to watch Mother Nature do her thing.

Perry County foliage

Perry County foliage, October 2012

Snow day

Little Juniata Creek on a snowy day. Duncannon, PA. December 2012

5. Positive reminders

Small affirmations of the beauty of life arrived in many forms—handwritten letters from a friend, artwork from a local business, or the messages on Yogi tea:

Positive reminder

So what about you? What made you smile in 2012?

Perry County Convos: Hunting Season

Today I saw a guy driving a black truck with side panels that matched his camouflage hunting jacket. I see camo often enough here that for the first time in my 25 years I realized the (obvious?) fact that hunting camo looks different from military camo. Think forest pattern vs. G.I. Joe. After seeing the pick-up truck today, I recalled a conversation I heard a few weeks back while waiting in the check-out at Duncannon’s family-owned grocery store.

Cashier: Did he get a buck?

Customer: Yeah, but no points.

Cashier: That’s okay, you can’t eat the antlers!

Halloween Greetings

Happy Halloween, from me in Pennsylvania to you, wherever you may be.

Halloween in Duncannon

The most decked out house in Duncannon. The elderly owner, Jane, invites trick-or-treaters and their parents on a walk-through every year. She also decorates her house for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Ronald Reagan’s birthday. October 2012

Perry County Convos: The Best Fudge

I’m sitting in the Duncannon borough office for a special borough council meeting about police. The other attendees are the police chief, the assistant chief, and several old men from the borough council and the neighboring township’s board of supervisors. One man is walking around recording people’s names. He reaches the white-haired couple who walked in last. The husband tells the man his own name and then his wife’s name. Then he adds, “And she makes the best fudge in the whole county!”

Perry County foliage

Fall foliage in Wheatfield Township. October 2012


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