Friday 5: Sure signs you are young at heart

Archival photo of high school friends Mistral, Sarah and I singing “Can you feel the love tonight” during play rehearsal.

My magnificent friend Sarah is guest posting for today’s Friday 5, which is a follow-up to last week’s “sure signs of adulthood.”

Sarah and I have been friends since high school but we often lament the fact that we didn’t meet as children because we would’ve had fantastic imagination and creation play dates.

By way of introduction to this post she said to me, “You, more than anyone else in my life, have always kept me young at heart and even though your last Friday 5 says otherwise, I still don’t think of us as adults!” Ironically, Sarah is the one I was thinking about when I wrote the bit about having tax conversations with friends and not being bored. Nevertheless, I’m pleased to present 5 signs you are young at heart!

  1. You dramatically reenact scenes from your favorite Disney movies while getting ready for responsible grownup activities (“Can You Feel the Love Tonight” was this morning’s pre-work selection…thank you Pandora!)
  2. You keep two Nerf guns tucked into the entertainment center beside the air freshener refills and TV owner’s manual…just in case.
  3. Best thing about winter? Breaking out the snowflake vision glasses.
  4. The highlight of your one-year-anniversary trip to Baltimore is spending five hours in the Science Center playing with every single exhibit…some more than once.
  5. You’d rather spend Friday night going for frozen yogurt or making Cosi-style s’mores than doing anything that requires someone to check your ID.

Thank you, Sarah! And as for the rest of you…go play!

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