Mexico’s Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity

Last year in Mexico I wrote about attending a 90,000-person march in Mexico City calling for an end to the violence of the drug war. Tomorrow the people who initiated and sustained the movement that march was part of will commemorate the first anniversary of their struggle.

Scholars and professors of the journalism workshop I’m attending will be reporting on that event, which has been “organized to show that, one year after, the victims of the war still await justice, an effective strategy to achieve peace, and real change to the political system of the country.”

To learn more about the real effects of the war on drugs and tomorrow’s event, stayed tuned to The Narcosphere and follow these hash tags on Twitter: #MPJD #MxLaPazMx.

Más Amor

Flipping the movement's message, "no more blood," this graffiti calls for more love. Mexico City, May 2011

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