Friday 5: Global Holiday Photos, Diwali and New Year’s

Last year I celebrated Diwali at my friend Chandrakala’s house in Hyderabad. Diwali is a Hindu holiday called the “festival of lights” because one of the main events is spending the night on your rooftop shooting off firecrackers with family and friends.

I spent New Year’s in rural Tamil Nadu, where I was doing digital storytelling workshops for Communities Rising. The local director of CR is a priest, so I attended a late-night Catholic service on New Year’s Eve.

If I get the chance to go back to India, I’d like to spend the opposite six months of the year that I did last time so I can experience a new range of holidays.

Diwali Tealights and Rangoli

Diwali tealights on top of Rangoli, which is a decorative art made with colored rice flour. The designs are created at apartment and building entrances during holidays. Hyderabad, India. November 2010

Diwali sweets

Treats for sale at a sweets shop. Hyderabad, India. November 2010

Diwali firecrackers

Chandrakala and Diana playing with sparklers. Hyderabad, India. November 2010

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve mass in Tamil Nadu. Anilady, India. December 2010

New Year's Eve

Churches in India are so colorful! Anilady, India. December 2010

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