Friday 5: Global Holiday Photos, Guatemala

Last week I wrote about traditions I’m excited for in PA this holiday season. Over the next two weeks I’ll share photos from holidays in other countries. This week is Guatemala, which I visited for a month in 2009. I took these photos before I had my digital SLR camera–now that I do I wish I could’ve captured the gorgeous colors with my Nikon! This blog’s banner is from a photo at the festival shown below—for more Guatemala photos, visit my flickr site.

1-4. Día de los Santos: All Saints Day


Dia de los Santos in Guatemala occurs on the day after Mexico's famous Day of the Dead. Families visit the cemetery to share meals and fly kites representing the spirits of loved ones who have passed away.


The municipality of Santiago Sacatepéquez hosts an annual kite festival on All Saints Day. Teams from across the country create small and large kites that represent their community through religious or folkloric symbols. The largest kites often have images that speak to Guatemala's social, political and economic problems.

Bamboo kite, Guatemala

Adults and children make barriletas (kites) from tissue paper, bamboo, and glue from the yucca plant.

Musicians, Guatemala

At the festival, people play music, fly kites, buy gifts and eat foods like tamales and candy.

5. El Día de la Revolución: Revolution Day

Day of the Revolution

In the area where I stayed in Guatemala, Revolution Day (Oct. 20) was a lesser known holiday. The community arts organization I volunteered at held a parade in one of the villages where our students lived on that day. In this photo, I'm wearing the bird costume, which was made by one of the older students in the program.

1 Response to “Friday 5: Global Holiday Photos, Guatemala”

  1. 1 paindecampagne December 17, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    Eek. Wouldn’t have this colors been radiant on your newer camera? I liked the kites — the stories told on them reminded me of the stories often told on patchwork quilts, especially of slavery.

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